Mums Online Retreat ~

Guilt free, easy 'Me Time'

For stressed out, worn out Mums who struggle to balance their self care & family life, and want to parent howe their children need them to

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I know how you're feeling! (I've been there!)

I know you’re frazzled and feeling stressed

I know you’re worn out trying to work out why your Little One is struggling

I know that the meltdowns are taking too much out of you

I know that you’re not dealing with difficult situations in the way that you want to, and then you’re feeling guilty about it

It’s a constant cycle...and one that you can’t get out of

The more your Little One struggles, the more stressed you become, the more depleted you become, the more you handle things badly, the more your Little One struggles...and so it continues

The thing is that nothing will ever get better until you do something about how you’re feeling

You need a way to replenish your energy

You need a way to let go of the stress and the guilt

You need a way to prevent another overwhelm build up

Nothing will ever get better whilst you are focusing on your Little One’s behaviour

You need to know how to work out WHY they are struggling

You need a way to work out HOW to help your Little One better

You need the space to connect with yourself so that you can connect better to your Little can not connect to anyone until you connect with yourself!

It all feels soooo hard, but when you have someone to help you take each part, break it down and give you exactly what you need, it’s so much easier to move forward.

This is what I do on my Mums Day Retreat!

I know that you would LOVE to spend 6 glorious hours to yourself...having the space to nurture yourself, let go of the stress and the guilt, get a plan in place to prevent overwhelm, find out how to work out why your Little One is struggling...and go away feeling calm enough, patient enough and strong enough to give them the support they need (without neglecting yourself)

I also know that it can feel hard to get that time.

I know that it’s not always possible to leave your children for a day and travel

I know that although it’s what you would love, it just doesn’t feel possible right now

I have the perfect solution for you!

I am taking the content that I will be sharing  on my day retreat, to create an Online Mum’s Retreat!

You get lifetime access to all 5 aspects that I share on the day AND a Facebook Group, where I help you through them for a whole week!

Stress Relief Meditation

For deep relaxation that will peel back all of the layers of stress and responsibility, to take you back to the core of who you really are…not just Mum, wife, friend, employee, employer…YOU

Overwhelm Prevention Plan

Enabling you to let go of the day to day stresses and strains, and go away with techniques and an easy, ongoing plan to use at home and be overwhelm free

Calming Techniques

Everyday energy techniques for a greater sense of peace and calm for you and your family…plus much better sleep! No more being drained, no more overstimulated meltdowns!


Connection Work

 To connect to yourself and what you need right now, so that you can walk away feeling in the best place to support your Little One…remember that if you don’t connect to yourself, you can’t connect fully to your Little One

Intuitive Development

To connect to your Mother’s Intuition, leaning in to how to trust your inner guidance and enhance the way you understand and connect to your Little One, to work out what's wrong and how to help them...even when things are busy 

Online Support

A Facebook Community where I help you to understand each aspect, answer any questions and support you in getting to the bottom of your Little One's struggles throughout the week

  • “I had amazing day from learning new techniques, to experiencing a wonderful meditation and to top it off meeting such lovely ladies. I felt calm, at peace and armed to fulfill my wishes and dreams”

  • “For the first time since giving birth I felt like I was coming back to me, and it felt so exciting! I left with such positive hope, motivation & inspiration to apply all the wonderful tools I learnt throughout the day.”

  • “An amazingly, wonderous, joyous day. Stepping into my own power with an exceptional bunch of women and a phenomenal mentor. I feel grounded, centred and ready to progress. Thankyou so much”

  • “ A wonderful opportunity for some overdue self care. Came away inspired and re-energised with even more tools and knowledge to use with me and my girls.”

  • “ I have taken away so much that I am grateful for. New techniques, an enriched sense of connection & inner calm and strength.”



The Online Retreat begins on Monday 4th March with the Facebook Group open for a week (but with lifetime access to the resources)


The comfort of your own home, in your own time!

How much?

My Mum's Day Retreat is £200, but I've made the Online Retreat available for just £120 or 2 payments of £65


Book your place my Friday 4th January at 10pm and get FREE access to my Connected Parenting Academy (worth £50!) for the whole of January AND February, so start receiving the support your need right now! Find out more about what's included HERE