• To the mum who experienced a difficult or traumatic pregnancy or birth, who wants both her and her Little One to be free from the difficult emotions connected to the experience...

  • This is for you...

You were really excited about becoming a Mum

You read the books, you attending the classes, you did your research and you felt good about your birth choices.

Then when it came to the birth of your Little One, it all went wrong

Where you had felt empowered, you now felt powerless and out of control

Where you had been positive and trusted that everything would be ok, you were now scared and worried for your baby

It was scary, but you were ok afterwards...weren't you? 

That's what mattered right?

But it didn't feel like that did shocked and with a head full of what if's didn't feel like the right way to start your motherhood journey

There was no time to dwell on it though, it was time to be thrust into the most relentless, exhausting, beautiful adventure

It had to get tucked away, so that you could focus on your amazing little one...who seemed to struggle so much (still does)

You don't think about it so much, but when you do the feelings all come back up again...but there's no safe place to let them out, no one to hold you while you try to work out exactly what it is you feel when there's so much...







It was hard, but you're both ok...why do you still feel like this?!

If this sounds like you...

First of all, you did nothing wrong...your Little One's traumatic birth was not your fault

Secondly, how you are feeling is completely's just not spoken about as much as it should be

Your birth experience is not a reflection of your worth as a're an amazing mum

All of the stuff that you feel like you're getting wrong, or can't work out is most likely connected to the birth experience...separation anxiety, food issues, sensory overwhelm, sleep struggles

It doesn't have to be like this...I have worked with hundreds and hundreds of Mums and Little Ones over the last 7 years, helping them to heal, process and release the difficult memories and emotions connected to their birth experience...whatever it looked like

I get it...I've been there, lived it. I've also come out of the other side, and I know that I can help you and your Little One to do the same

I know this has been a really dark time, but there is light at the end of the's here

They will tell you (and what I know to be true)...

That it's just a day, that the memory will fade...

It may fade from your mind, but the body will hold the energy of your experience for a lifetime

That babies don't remember birth, let alone pregnancy...

Except they do, they remember it all and it affects so much in their lives, all the way into adulthood

That if you can't see any physical damage, there's nothing wrong...

 A difficult or traumatic pregnancy or birth impacts us and our Little Ones on every level, affecting the nervous system, endocrine system and digestive system...which all in turn affect sleep, gut health, emotions, mental state and overall health

That you're just an anxious mum...

You are having a normal reaction to an abnormal experience, you are not just an anxious mum. Birth trauma is real and it doesn't just go away

That you're both healthy and that's all that matters...

It's not all that matters. You and your Little One matter and how you and your Little One feel matters. 

That their sleep/anxiety/eating/gut issues are down to your overprotective parenting...

NO! All of this stems from a traumatic pregnancy or birth experience

Counselling can help you but there's nothing for your Little One/they don't need support...

Counselling can be great, but not on it's own when dealing with trauma as you need to be able to release it. Energy Healing Sessions work for both Mum and Little One and heal, process and release the trauma and associated difficult emotions whilst being held in a safe space 

Introducing Birth Healing Together

Birth Healing Together is a transformational 6 week journey of understanding, healing and releasing 

 Birth Healing Together is your opportunity to free both you and your Little One from the trauma and difficult emotions that you still hold from your birth experience

It is a programme that combines...

1-2-1 Coaching Calls ~ giving you a safe space to talk about whatever you want to, and receive support and guidance in helping your Little One through the process of releasing

Bespoke Energy Healing Sessions ~ to help both you and your Little One heal, process and release the trauma, fear, anxiety, guilt, sadness, grief and other difficult emotions. To support the nervous system and endocrine system, to bring you back into health

Unlimited access to my back catalogue of online workshops ~ delivered over the last 8 years, covering everything from sleep to anxiety to meltdowns, to give you practical support in every area of your parenting journey 

Unlimited Message Support ~ contact me anytime, whatever the blip and receive support and guidance from much as you need for the whole 6 weeks

Just imagine...

No more guilt...apart from the usual levels of mums guilt

No more haunting memories...the memories will still be there, but you won't feel haunted

Both you and your Little One free from anxiety

All traumatic birth patterns released, meaning both you and your Little One won't be holding the trauma anymore...knowing that your Little One won't have a repeated experience with their own experiences later on in life

Being free from the irrational fears of something happening to your Little One

Both of you feeling safe enough to be separated

Getting more sleep, as your Little One feels safe at night...and you're not having nightmares

Being heard, feeling understood, being held and being supported

This programme does ALL of this for you

  • Jennie Harrison

    “"As soon as I read the content of birth healing together, I absolutely knew that I needed to complete this course. My daughter Daisy was stillborn in 2009 and my pregnancy with Olivia in 2013/14 was extremely stressful, followed by a straight forward birth medically, but one that left me feeling traumatised and violated, and then an incredibly difficult time post birth with little support and increasing anxiety and post natal depression.

    It has been amazing to have the space, and time to explore my emotions and feelings and be able to finally release all the guilt, sadness and regret. The support from Jennie has been amazing, as has the support from other members of the group. It has been life changing, like a weight has lifted, a weight I've been carrying for over 7 years! There has been a shift in Olivia's behaviour too, she is better at going to sleep, and has just started to be more relaxed. It's hard to explain that part, but there is definitely a change in her too."”

  • Jennie Harrison

    “"Birth is without doubt one of the most emotional experiences you'll ever have. When it doesn't go as you'd hoped, it can be incredibly traumatic - and there is no time to stop and process what has happened - you have a newborn baby to look after. This programme will support you to go back and process those feelings at your own pace. I wholeheartedly recommend it."”

  • Jennie Harrison

    “"Birth healing has enabled me to put myself in my baby's position and try to understand what pregnancy, birth and the early days would have felt like for him. I'd never really considered this before and this combined with bringing my own feelings and emotions to the surface has enabled me not only to help my little one but also help myself move on too. Thank you Jennie x"”

  • Jennie Harrison

    “"The Birth Healing programme has helped me to unpick and release the guilt, anxiety & fear I felt about our daughter's birth. It has taken what is essentially a traumatic story and helped me process these memories in a way that I've released them on both an emotional & an energetic level. I can't thank you enough xx"”

  • Jennie Harrison

    “I knew as soon as Jennie mentioned a birth healing programme it was something I needed to do.
    After a traumatic emergency c-section with my son I was helped by the head of midwifery at the hospital but this was not enough.
    Jennie's programme allowed me to take each stage of both of my pregnancies & births in turn and take time to heal them.
    The support offered by Jennie and the other members of the group is invaluable . It's definitely a journey and one I've been fortunate to start with Jennie's help.
    The energy work as ever provides another level of understanding that you won't get anywhere else.
    Thank you from the whole of our family xxx”

  • Jennie Harrison

    “Like a lot of people I'd planned the "perfect" birth in my head, I did all the prep, I'd visualised an amazing experience. I wasn't at all frightened of any pain, I just wanted to go for it. The reality was far from that and ended up being a lengthy painful labour culminating in an emergency c-section. It was incredibly stressful, traumatic for ages afterwards and the worst thing was that I couldn't remember holding my little girl for the first time.

    I hadn't realised how much birth trauma could have an effect and for a long time afterwards. I did a lot of work with Jennie to heal the hurt, which was not easy to revisit, but she went way over and above expectations in the level of support she provided.

    It is only thanks to Jennie's expertise and empathy that I did in fact get my memory back of holding my little girl for the first time. She has recently turned 4, and this year for the first time I genuinely celebrated her birthday with no tinge of regret associated with the birth, just overwhelming joy as I can now focus on the happiness of holding my baby and having that connection. I never thought I'd get to this point but I'm here and it's amazing.

    Birth trauma can have a long lasting effect for mums and their babies, I wholeheartedly recommend working with Jennie on this, it will make such a positive difference.”

  • Jennie Harrison

    “It was an eye opener to learn how your pregnancy and birth affects your baby. It is a great programme to let go of all the guilt and hurt and move on. It's a very healing programme. Jennie is an amazing teacher and the group is wonderful and supportive. Its good to know you are not alone. I would definitely recommend this course. You can change your little ones life! ”

  • Jennie Harrison

    “Jennie's birth healing programme has allowed me to finally get over the guilt and frustration I’ve held for nearly 2 years. Having the time to discuss my birth experience in a safe environment and hear from others has really helped me process my feelings and move on. Since the programme finished I’ve hardly thought about my experience after my daughter was born which has been an amazing relief as it was a daily challenge for me. Thanks Jennie! X”

  • Jennie Harrison

    “Birth Healing has helped me to understand my baby in more ways than I could have imagined. Not only has it helped me to get over an incredibly traumatic birth experience, It has also opened my eyes to why my son has issues with sleeping, why we both struggle with separation and what I can do to help him. Jennie was wonderful, she went above and beyond to support both of us during this time. X x”


I have one space left to work with me this way in January...AND when that place is filled, my prices go up for my availability in April

The programme is worth...

3 x 1-2-1 Coaching Sessions ~ £900

3 x Family Energy Sessions ~ £450

Unlimited access to my entire back catalogue of online workshops, covering everything from sleep to anxiety to meltdowns ~ £1000s

Unlimited Message Support ~ £600

Total Worth ~ over £4,000

I feel so passionately about making this kind of support available for mums and their children, I have made it available from* just £1850 or 3 monthly payments of £650

*Longer period of support available

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