Jennie Harrison’s Connected Parenting Academy 

If you are a Mum of a sensitive Little One, who feels tired, lonely, overwhelmed, guilty and like you're getting everything wrong, because you can't find the answers to help your Little One with their overwhelm and BIG emotions, you have found your village.


It can feel really lonely when you're parenting against the grain.

You thought that you would just know the answers when it came to your Little One...but they threw you a curve ball

They seem to struggle SO much more than other love being their Mum, but you don't always feel like you get it

EVERYTHING seems to affect them...emotions run so high, meltdowns are way too common and sleep can be all over the place

The parenting books are extremes, everything's a problem or no issue at all...

Meltdowns are normal for toddlers, children don't sleep through until they're 5, separation anxiety is really healthy...the information goes on

On the flip side you're told to nip tantrum behaviour in the bud, leave them to cry it out to sleep and that you've created a rod for your own back

Neither of the above feel right to know that your Little One is struggling, and you want to be able to help them

You know that their meltdowns are above and beyond the usual toddler tantrum, you know that something is preventing them from sleeping and that there is a reason behind their anxiety

You just want to have child centred information, so that you can understand and connect to your Little One on a deeper level

You want to be the best Mum you can just need more understanding and you know that you can help your Little One fulfil their potential

You don't fit into society's 'average' and neither does your Little One

You know that you want to parent your Little One in a connected way...but it feels hard

You know there’s so much going on for your Little One, but you just can’t work it out

Other people just don’t or your Little there’s no support that can help either

You understand their greatness, but you don't have the tools or understanding to navigate the journey and help them fulfil their potential


 You've been there, feeling don't want your Little One to feel the same

You’re feeling lonely and isolated...and really wishing you could find this village that it takes to raise a child

You’re feeling guilty that you keep getting it wrong with them..reacting in a way that makes them feel worse

You should be able to work this out but you can’t and it’s making you feel like a failure

You thought that being a mum would come easily, but you're can anyone else get your Little One if you don't?!

You don't want to be told HOW to parent your Little just need support, community & information, so that you can understand a bit more

The Connected Parenting Academy is your village...a place to feel supported and to gain a deeper understanding of your Little One

Amazing parenting experts, sharing information that you won't find in the mainstream...information that can shed so much light on what is happening for your Little One AND how you can help them

A safe, child centred place for you to to share the space with me, my guests and other mums who parent just like you. Talk, vent, seek advice & share troubles and/or positive's your space

Through a combination of Online Community and Group Coaching, receive the support you need from me and my guests, to become the Mum you want to's time for you to fulfil your potential & your Little One to fulfil theirs

What do you get each month?

A Guest Expert Resource ~ videos and handouts (which you get to keep)

A Live Guest Expert Q&A Session (which is recorded so you can catch up anytime)

Group Coaching from me each month in a live Nurture Mastermind Session

A private Facebook Group with other Mums who parent just like you (you'll never feel isolated again)

Support from me in the group (sharing my experience of working with Mums & Little Ones for 7 years)

Priority places on any of my courses or programmes and VIP rates

  • Jennie Harrison

    “I really appreciate the very regular support of Jennie and other members. It's like a little community and we all can reach out.
    Having an extra focussed expert each month is fantastic too covering different subjects/topics that are actually useful!
    So glad I have this Academy in my life!”

  • Jennie Harrison

    “I love the academy as it brings such a wonderful sense of support, community and safety. Safety sounds a strange word to use maybe , but I find it is so comforting to know there is such a lovely place for me to come for guidance and non judgement, which is not the case outside of the group if gentle parenting is the way you wish to support and nurture your family or yourself x”

  • Jennie Harrison

    “ I love the supportive space you have created Jennie, full of like minded feels very nurturing. And the guest experts are brilliant - I’ve learnt so much”

  • Jennie Harrison

    “It's a rare and wonderful thing in this life to find a tribe that nourishes, supports and encourages you as much as the academy. Jennie holds the space beautifully and leads an environment that promotes growth, learning and understanding both for our relationships with our children & our relationship with ourselves. You'll never regret joining. Welcome ”

  • Jennie Harrison

    “In her academy Jennie has provided me with my tribe and each month we have amazing new resources to explore & learn together.
    Thank you isn't enough for the support we receive from this group of like minded wonderful women I am honoured to call friends”

  • Jennie Harrison

    “I love being part of the academy, I have never found anywhere else as supportive, open minded and also like minded. Other mums who want to do things gently and mindfully as well as being interested in more 'holistic' ways of parenting such as looking at energy. Absolutely love it, and Jennie is incredible I wish one day I will be as incredible. Thank you”


January ~ "Optimising Your Little One's Gut for Healthy Emotions & Behaviour" with Aine Homer 

Aime is an expert on everything to do with reflux, including colic, reflux, silent reflux, cow's milk protein allergy, other food intolerances and allergies.

As a mum to two girls, who between them were diagnosed with colic, reflux, silent reflux, CMPA, tongue-tie and other food intolerances and allergies; Áine Homer has experienced the “trial-and-error” approach of the medical community with no real answers or support...

"We hear a lot about how vaginal birth is necessary to establish a strong microbiome for our children. In fact, it takes about three years for the blueprint of our child’s microbiome to be fully formed. And this is not the end of the story. We have the ability to influence and change our gut for our entire lives. The stronger our gut, the stronger our life-long health.

In this short talk I want to give you a very brief introduction to gut health, and how it is directly linked to behaviours and emotions. I will give you my top do’s and don’ts to build a strong and robust microbiome in your children, and why this is one of the single greatest gifts you can give your child."


What Does it Cost?

You can join us for just £25 for the month of January (and feel free to cancel whenever you like, or stay for as long as you want to for just £25 a month) 


Pay a one off fee of just £250 and get access to the Academy for life!

All future resources, all support AND the whole back catalogue of resources for just £250! 

So, without the support...FOREVER...just resources on back catalogue and coming next, it's worth £350!

Buy NOW for £250!


Back Catalogue of Resources

* Understanding Chakra Cycles from Jennie Harrison

* Understanding Moon Cycles from Saveria

* Mum & Little Ones Yoga from Penelope Peacock

* Self Care in the Holidays from Hannah Robson

* Essential Oils to Deal with Change from Rachel C-K

* Preparing for Change from Jennie Harrison

* Mindfulness for Mums & Little Ones from Kate Gaskell

*How to Have a Meltdown Free Christmas from Jennie Harrison

What's Coming Next?

* February ~ Carly-Anne Sherbourne with Practical Techniques to Support Sensory Overwhelm

* March ~ Saveria with EFT to Relieve the Stress of Getting Out the Door

* April ~ Alex Kremer with "Parenting Your Sensitive Child"

* May ~ Rachel Davis with "Using Music to help with BIG Emotions"

* June ~ Emily Fackrell with "Building Brains with Play" 

Total Worth £350