The Connected Child Programme 



You’re struggling with your Little One's just can't get to the bottom of it. You want a strong relationship with your Little One. So it’s time you met the Connected Child Programme.

Do you ever feel like just giving up and running away?

You just want to do your best, but you can’t always work out the best way to help your children when they’re struggling.

You already know there’s a sea of information out there about how you should be parenting your child and where they should be “fitting in”.

Add triggers from your own childhood into the mix and you’ve got a perfect recipe for Overwhelm Pie with sides of Guilt and Confusion - no wonder you’d rather be elsewhere!

Listen, lovely: you’re their mum. You’re the expert on your child.

You know what they’re scared of, what makes them angry and sad and you’re pretty darn good at handling the behaviour that comes with those big emotions in a gentle way, if you do say so yourself!

But do you know what’s triggering them deep down?

It's finding this out that can transform your relationship...


What Do You Need to Know?

You already know about the usual child development that everyone talks about and you can pinpoint where some of your Little One’s frustrations come from when they’re learning something new.

But did you know your child also goes through little-known development cycles all the time that can impact their future?

These cycles are connected to the 7 main energy centres (chakras) in the body, and affect how your child processes their experiences.

They’ll also process in different ways at different points in their young lives - for example, having a certain experience at age 4 will have a different impact to having it at age 6.

Along with that, everything that your child experiences...good and bad...they hold in their energy system. These held experiences create their beliefs about their world (just as it happened and still happens for you).

So the combination of subtle development cycles and their experiences can really shape your child and their potential in this world as well as trigger certain emotions and behaviours, such as…




Sleep Resistance

Refusing to eat

Sound familiar?!

So, how do you ensure your child doesn’t get stuck in cycles of negativity?

You MUST find out the root cause.

Without understanding the root cause, all you have to focus on is the behaviour...and when you just focus on the behaviour, it leaves your child feeling misunderstood.

It creates a disconnection between you both (have you felt that before?).

If your child has a tough experience while you are disconnected from them, those emotions get pushed down because it doesn’t feel safe for them to be released...cue more anger, frustration and upset along with setting the tone for their entire lifetime.

So, how can you dig down to the root causes of your child’s behaviour and ensure they live to their highest potential?

The Connected Child Programme

helps you to understand more about your child’s development on a much deeper level.

With this deeper understanding, you will be able to offer your child a greater level of connection and support. They will feel more understood and feel safer to process and release their difficult experiences and emotions.

PLUS you will also begin to understand so much more about yourself...about why you get triggered by your child's behaviour and their experiences. 

About Developmental Cycles

💕How your child is developing each year & the connection to chakras

💕The impact of development cycles on your child & their future

💕How developmental cycles affect your child's behaviour

What Can Impact Your Child

💕How experiences can impact development

💕How difficult emotions create programmes and beliefs

💕How your own experiences impact your child

How to Support Your Child

💕What support your child needs at each age

💕How you can help them to feel safe and balanced

💕How to create a stronger connection with your child


 About Jennie Harrison

Hello lovely mum, I'm Jennie Harrison and I'm an Energy Worker and Connected Parenting Coach.

I have been working with Mums and their children since 2011. I help my clients to heal, process and release traumatic and difficult events, and work with mums to help them understand their children on a deeper level. Working with the root cause is at the heart of everything I do...there is always a reason why!

I'm also mum to Dexter (7) and Violet (2), so really understand the difficulties and pressure that Mums face, whilst trying to be the best Mum that they can be. Raising two busy minded, highly sensitive children as a sensitive person can be a challenge, but the most beautiful journey!

What's Included in the Connected Child Programme?

💕3 Modules of information to help you understand your child at each stage of their development, at a much deeper level so that you can provide them with the support they need...however old they are

💕Information which is broken down into short videos and audio files, so that you can just pop your earphones in and listen whenever you fits into your life at all stages of your life

💕Energy clearing techniques for you, your family and your home to keep your energy clear, keep you grounded and your children feeling safe

💕Techniques to help you create a deeper understanding and stronger connection, for easier parenting and a happier family life...throughout the whole of your parenting journey

💕7 short and easy exercises to help you bring calm and balance to your child, and release stuck emotion (that are also highly beneficial for you!)

💕Journal guidelines and emotional affirmations to enable you to transform your emotional beliefs 

💕Lifetime access to a private Facebook Community for support from me and the other Mums on the programme

💕Monthly Live Group Sessions with me to go through any questions in detail and provide a deeper level of support

  • “It’s all too easy to lose connection with your child, when they are going through major changes and inevitably become scared, upset, angry, basically trying to deal with big emotions and struggling. This is tough for a parent, you feel your child will never stop whinging or crying! It’s natural to feel frustration and this can mean you turn away from them a little bit. Jennie’s programme not only emphasises the importance of maintaining this connection, but also gives you really powerful tools to do so. As a result, I now feel more in control. I see and recognise the signs, and instead of getting frustrated and cross, I can see things from my daughter’s point of view and have the techniques to be able to help her.”

  • “I was looking for ways to help my Little One on an emotional level. The Connected Child Programme helped with this, and is helping me to assist Lily in ANYTHING that comes up for's also helped me! I love Jennie's gentle approach, it's the only way to increase the level of connection between us and our Little Ones”

  • “I have two very sensivitive and headstrong boys and at times really find mom life a struggle. The connected child programme has given me that connection back I had lost with my boys and has allowed me to help them release any trapped energy triggers holding them back. Happy children, Happy mom, Happy life. I couldn't have done it without Jennie showing me the way, my guardian Angel x”

  • “I have completed Jennie’s Connected Child programme and can honestly say it’s been a massive game changer for me. It has helped me to understand my own needs as well as that of my two young children not just physically and emotionally, but also energetically. Working through the programme has bought up old hurts and patterns in my life I had never realised were connected until I undertook her course. Healing these areas of my life has taken courage and consistency but Jennie has always been 100% behind me. She is so responsive and available and I feel she really cares. Recently I feel like it's all falling into place and I notice how much calmer I feel when I’m dealing with toddler meltdowns. When you take this course with Jennie, not only do your grow in confidence in connecting with your children, you connect with your own inner child and what they need too, and that for me is invaluable. Thank you Jennie xx”

What Does it Cost?

For lifetime access to the full programme and all of the support, you seriously can't put a price on it (the content alone, just supporting your child now is worth over £800)...

The content then not only supports your child throughout their childhood, but throughout their whole life ~ priceless

The programme not only helps you to understand and connect with your child, but also yourself...for life ~ priceless

Getting lifetime access to a Community filled with support, connection and understanding ~ priceless

Ongoing monthly support from me, live in the group ~ priceless

The transformation that is possible for both you and your child ~ priceless

But because I want this to be accessible to as many mums as possible,

you can access this programme, which is worth thousands for just £425 or 6 x £75

You cannot afford to miss this...the information, support and transformation that are available to you right now, and at incredible value, can be the missing piece of the jigsaw for you and your Little One!


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